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Perfect Choice Services has been the most trusted provider of Air Duct cleaning services near you in the York Region and surrounding areas in the GTA for more than a decade. We specialize in Air Duct Cleaning, Furnace Cleaning, Dryer Cleaning and AC Coil Cleaning. We use High Powered Truck Mount Vacuum Systems that provide superior airflow for the best extraction and performance. Our cleaners are certified licensed technicians, and all work is guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our service coverage area includes York Region, Concord, Maple, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, and Markham. Please call for a FREE estimate and consultation to book an appointment for air duct, dryer vent, ac coil & furnace cleaning today!

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For proper maintenance, your furnace should be cleaned every 1-2 years, ideally along with your air ducts, as they work in tandem to maintain good air quality in your home.  When you clean your air ducts, the air supply unit is open, which means dust and dirt will blow around the system, with some going back into the furnace.

Our expertly trained technicians will wipe down and clean all components in the furnace, blow out and clean the blower fan and then vacuum out the entire furnace using only the most up-to-date industrial systems to be sure all contaminants have been removed so that when you go running the furnace, no extra debris or dirt will go back into the air duct system.

To help with this process, it is also recommended that homeowners change their furnace filter every 3-4 months or at the start of every new season. Doing this will help ensure proper airflow throughout the house and dramatically improve the home’s air quality.

Adhering to a routine maintenance schedule for your furnace will help keep it energy efficient, which helps reduce your energy costs while extending the unit’s life. To ensure the job is done right and have peace of mind, please leave this work to a professional furnace cleaning services company that will help you through this process.

We have been providing furnace air duct cleaning for several years, and our expertly trained technicians are ready to help with your needs.

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    FAQs Regarding Air Duct Cleaning, Furnace Cleaning, AC Coil Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Most HVAC professionals agree that you should replace your furnace filter every 90 days, but this can depend on the thickness of the filter. Thicker filters can collect more dirt and dust, and therefore only have to be changed less often.

    The following list will help you make sure your furnace is ready for winter.

    • Get the thermostat going.
    • The air filters need to be changed.
    • Cover the condenser.
    • Clean the heat exchange.
    • Lubricate and clean the blower fan.
    • If the igniter switch is faulty, we’ll need to replace it.
    • Inspect the chimney and carbon monoxide detectors.

    Every year, your gas furnace should be serviced. Services include a thorough examination and cleaning of all the parts that commonly malfunction, including the air filter, fan, and pilot light. Annual maintenance can reduce your risk of significant problems.

    An HVAC tune-up is definitely worth the money. You can think of your HVAC system like a car’s engine: it’s a complex piece of machinery that wears down over time. It’s full of critical and moving components, which experience wear and tear over time.

    In order to remove any visible dirt and debris from the inside of your furnace, use attachments on your vacuum. Start by removing dirt and dust from around the blower wheel.

    The frequency of necessary furnace and duct maintenance can vary from person to person, but it should usually be scheduled once a year at the minimum. We advise that you schedule furnace maintenance every 1-2 years (ideally) and duct cleaning at intervals of 3-5 years for a smooth running system, which means excellent indoor air quality. That’s the minimum.

    Hiring a professional to clean your ducts every year (ideally after 12 months or so) will reduce the risk of any malfunctions and increase the quality of your indoor air.

    If you have a furnance, stove or fireplace which is used for heating your home, EPA recommends that it be inspected before each heating season in order to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Loosen screws and remove covers as needed. Vacuum the burners and furnace base using a vacuum cleaner with a wand attachment for upholstery, or a vacuum cleaner with extensions to reach the back if necessary. Don’t forget to vacuum the blower door compartment as well.

    The most common way to detect mould in your air ducts is by looking for visible signs. To do this, turn on your ceiling fan, then take some white paper and stick it up into the vent opening of the outlet from which you’re blowing air.

    • A musty or mildew-like smell is present throughout the house.
    • Gettlly cold when you walk into a room with air conditioningchangeging the heat outside.
    • If you have a runny nose, rashes, and watering eyes.
    • The thought of going outside and dealing with all the bright light, heat, and pollution is refreshing.
    • At home, you feel nausea, fatigue and dizziness.

    Legionnaires’ disease is an illness that is most commonly contracted when one breathes in airborne aerosols from water infected with the bacteria. Mist from hot tubs, showers, and air-conditioning units are all common sources of these toxic aerosols.

    People with asthma may be more susceptible to breathing difficulties when they’re exposed to extremely cold air. This effect is seen in both adults and children, and it’s most problematic in people who have a respiratory condition such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

    The average furnace cleaning can take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. The amount of time it takes depends on the condition of the furnace, and the size of your home – a bigger home will take longer to clean than a smaller one. With a routine inspection, we’ll check for cracks or blocks in the heat exchanger and clean it.